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Hello everyone from Sydney!

Sunny Australia, but today it’s not so sunny, but nevertheless it’s warm outside.

In this video I want to tell why I think that a student visa is one of the most interesting visas for coming to Australia.

Many people say: “I want to immigrate, somewhere to move” and choose the country. Imagine, you have never been to any of these countries, but make a decision that will affect the rest of your life. I’ve been living in Ireland for 11 years. When I came there I really liked everything at all. But when I visited Australia, I fell in love with it and stayed here. If I had come to Australia earlier, probably I would have moved here at once. Because everything is perfect here: the sun, the weather, the atmosphere. But then I did not know how to come here.

To begin with, it’s better to take a small step, come and see. The easiest way is to get a tourist visa. But when you come, as a tourist you do not dive into local life, do not understand the structure of life, do not see what is happening inside. And you see hotels, beautiful restaurants, etc. This beautiful picture can hide from you the pitfalls that exist.

Having arrived as a student you begin to live. You will penetrate the culture of life and it will allow you to determine, see and understand whether you really want to live here or perhaps you need to look at something else.

And the most interesting that there are no negative factors in it. If you come to Australia as a student, you will learn English and then even will come back to Russia, I guarantee you, you will immediately find a better-paid job. Why? Professional knowledge of the language, especially studied abroad, is a huge plus in your CV. Do not even doubt whether it will be useful. Your income level throughout life will be much higher.

If in addition to the language you have received a specialty, for example you studied marketing or business. It will significantly increase the chances of getting a job. And most likely you will be taken to a managerial position. It is a huge advantage.

Unlike General Skilled Migration, which people wait for years and then when the refusal comes, they do not know what to do. Getting a student visa is much easier. You have collected documents – we will help you in this – have received an invitation from the college and then apply for a visa. Within 3 weeks the whole issue is resolved. The process is very fast.

The next advantage is that Australia is one of only 2 countries which allow students to work. Arriving in Sydney you get the right to work for a maximum of 20 hours, or start up. You are allowed to open an enterprise with paying nothing from the beginning. We will show and explain how to do it.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, if you are interested in the student visa, how you can come for it, subscribe on our website, if you haven’t done yet, or ask for advice. And come here!

Only arriving, you will understand whether you like the country or not. Do you want to stay here or not. Besides, you can decide how to stay in Australia. For example, on a working visa – the employer reissues the student visa for a work visa, and this is the next step for a PR visa (residence permit), which leads to citizenship.

General Skilled Migration. For receiving this visa you need to pass the English language test. Arriving in Australia to learn the language, you can take a free test until you pass. 

Visa groom/bride’s or business visa.

When you in Australia make it much easier than thousands of miles away.

If you want to come here, feel the buzz of living in Australia, do not delay it. Right now, start studying documents. If you have any doubts, questions, please contact us! Order a consultation, we will be happy to help you. And believe that the process is much easier than you think. And in a couple of months you ‘ll be here.

Thank you for watching this video. I wish you luck and courage to take the first step. And maybe I’ll see you here in Sydney. All the best to you. 

Igor Vasiliev

Sydney, Australia

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