Education in Australia

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The reasons for getting education in Australia:

  • Australia is one of the most popular country among foreign students because of the highest level of teaching and variety of courses.

  •  There are 1100 educational institutions in Australia offering over 22,000 different courses that allows to consider the student's wishes

  •  An Australian Bachelor's or Master's degree is internationally recognized. As a result, the path to an international career is open
  • The cost of studying and residence in Australia is much lower, than in the USA and Europe

  •  Having long-term visa parents can visit their children during their study
  • The student visa entitles students over 16 years old to work part-time in their spare time. It gives the additional income, the opportunity to get acquainted with Australians, their culture and way of life.

  •   The graduates of Australian universities have a good chance of getting a work visa and residence permit in Australia


Australia is one of the best countries for getting an education and starting a new life!

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"I always dreamed of getting an education abroad. I ‘ve decided to choose Australia. It was easier to settle down than I could imagine. Australia is a beautiful and unique country. Come to Australia and see everything by yourselves!
Мария Рогачева
Maria Rogacheva
My main impression of studying in Australia that is difficult but challenging. Here you study only for yourself and nobody makes you do it. That’s why I have to plan my day very well. A student visa entitles me to work part time. It helps me to get acquainted closer with Australians, their way of life
Vasiliy Potlov
Australia is the best place to learn English. High level of education and reasonable price. All students in Australia communicate with each other only in English. After two months I could speak English fluently.
Антон Иванов
Anton Ivanov

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