Almost every inhabitant of our planet dreams of seeing Sydney. The largest city of the "green continent" is also its oldest settlement. The first inhabitants were English criminals, exiled for hard labor in the late 18th century. Now it is a modern metropolis, which is often compared with New York in its architecture, infrastructure, the number of entertainment and cultural institutions. And by area, it is larger than New York several times.

The business life of the country is concentrated here, which means that there are a lot of job offers. That's why Sydney is one of the most multinational and multicultural cities in the world. On its streets you can meet representatives of almost any nationality, and, therefore, wherever you come from - you can certainly find compatriots for communication.

The famous architectural symbols of Australia - the Sydney Opera House in the form of an opening orange and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are located in Sydney. The Sydney Aquarium and Zoo, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Sydney TV Tower and the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary must be visited. And, of course, we must not forget about the beaches - clean, wide and well-equipped for a great holiday.

The city is surrounded by natural parks - the Royal National Park from the south and the Blue Mountains from the west. By the way, the Blue Mountains National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name of the mountain was obtained through covering their eucalyptus forests. They evaporate essential oils, which give the effect of a bluish haze in the refraction of sunlight. And here several species of kangaroos, wallabies, possums and koalas.

As for the climate, it is very pleasant in Sydney. In summer the air warms up to +30 degrees and  in winter the temperature seldom falls below +8 degrees Celsius. As Australia is located in the other hemisphere, its seasons are "upturned" in relation to ours. Therefore, the warmest month in Sydney is January, and the coldest month is July.

The location of Sydney on the ocean coast determines the prevalence of seafood in all the menu of the city. They are cooked in all possible variants and cultural traditions. But, of course, you can try and local exotics dishes from kangaroo meat, crocodile or ostrich.

Roads and transport infrastructure are well developed - in addition to cars, most people move by bus and train. An interesting feature of the "city near the bay," as it is sometimes called, is a network of water transport modes and in particular a ferry crossing.

Of the shortcomings, it should be note the high cost of living in comparison with other Australian cities. Australia is quite removed from Russia, Europe and the USA. The flight from our country will take more than 20 hours with one or more connecting flights.

In general, people who have been to Sydney, describe it as a city of great opportunities, impressive architecture, unique nature, friendly people, international color and total security. 

To visit necessarily!

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